martes, 4 de diciembre de 2007

Mensaje de morá Myriam Ghoori

To my dear girls,

I can’t believe two years have gone by since I was your Morah. It seems like yesterday we were discussing tefila, with all your very different opinions or all of you trying to talk me into giving you extra recess (something you did very well together). Even though I have not been your teacher these past 2 years I have been watching you grow into amazing young ladies and I am truly proud to say you were my students.
Denisse- your kind smile, your thinking and questioning were always an asset to the class–always keep on your quest for truth!
Jael (Geraldine)-your artistic ability and your great memory would always dazzle us!
Melanie-your determination and perseverance are remarkable. You truly ‘dejar huella’ on all that know you-good luck with Akev next year!
Leah-it’s rare to have a student that has such a quest for knowledge, take that knowledge and turn it into the wisdom to guide your life!
Ronit-our classroom fashion designer, find the beauty and meaning in your life and grow with it!

Taly-your humor and wit kept us laughing-hold on to this most important quality as you go through life!

I have a little surprise for all of you! Do you remember the last day of school 2005, when we went to the park and you wrote a letter to yourself? I saved them for you so you could read them now. Have you grown, did you work towards, or accomplish any of you objectives? Ask yourselves now what do you hope to accomplish in the next four years, write it down and work towards it from now until your next graduation.

Congratulations to all the graduates and your parents.
Hatzlaja in all your future endeavors,

Morah Myriam

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